Tuesday, October 6, 2015

#84/365 Career choices! The 8th graders had an awesome day for exploring careers! We visited EHOVE career center in Milan, and then we had guest speakers at our school the second half of the day. Great job to Dayle and Sherry for the excellent planning! I know that the time involved in setting up these experiences is immense, and I really appreciate it. During the EHOVE portion of the day, I posted images from our class Instagram account, @lacrossescience As we explored the campus and various programs, I was really impressed with how forward thinking EHOVE has become over the years. They have developed impressive programs with some great instructors. They are so goal oriented and focused. Loved seeing some former students out there, too! When we returned, students rotated through various rooms to listen to speakers share about their careers. From a biologist to fire fighter, ER nurse, poet, and financial planner, students learned about possible careers. Educational requirements, experiences, and salaries were shared with the students. What a great idea! Exposing children to the possibilities of future careers is a great way for helping them see the future. Again, kudos to @rowen2026 for a well planned experience. These kids are so fortunate to have such a hard working, caring, and involved teacher. You rock! #community #education #careers #possibilities


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