Thursday, October 8, 2015

#86/365 Another view... How often have we heard, "If you could walk a mile in my (his/her/their) shoes..." I thought about this today as I filled in for another teacher. I was able to turn the 8th grade science room over to my student teacher and work in the resource room. What a great learning experience for me! As I taught language arts, math, and supported students taking tests, I was able to see education from a different perspective. Instead of a room of about 20+ students, I was working with smaller groups. The students were respectful, hard working, and ready to learn. The class organization and discipline was clearly established. I truly enjoyed the day! Before this experience, I didn't fully appreciate the challenges that both the intervention specialist and the students face. Reading, writing, math, and learning academic information has always been easy for me. The struggle and challenges that some face is somewhat foreign to me. Today, I spent some time in their shoes and learned a lot. This leads me to thinking about other areas. Sometimes, I know I make judgements. It seems like it is human nature to some extent. But, it helps to remember that we all have struggles. We never know what that other person is experiencing in their career, or family, or health (mental and physical). #learning #growing


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