Monday, October 12, 2015

#91/365 iPad Use I was thinking today of how I use iPads in the classroom. We... Blog! Using the app Blogger, my students are asked to reflect, write, share, and communicate with each other. Create videos (some slow motion) to capture our labs, evaluate our results, and share our learning with others. Draw. Using the Paper by 53 app, students are creating visual notes to try to connect science understanding. (Those students that want to take regular notes are encouraged to do that.) Explore content through amazing apps. I mean, come science from a text book can be...meh. Exploring Earth Geologic time periods with the Earth Viewer app is amazing! The depth that an app like that can give students is far more than a book. I have some wicked cool content apps! My students take online assessments with the iPad. We use Socrative, Google forms, and Nearpod. SPEAKING OF NEARPOD...oh my gosh, that app is super cool. Imagine SmartNotebook files in the hands of the kids. They can draw, read, answer questions, take quizzes, and interact with the content right there! Love, love, love this type of lecture tool. It puts some interactivity into a typically boring event. Did I mention project apps? Yes. We create Keynotes for sharing science labs. Animation Creator lets us design our own animations! We use CloudArt app for vocabulary building. We use Skitch to annotate images. Augmented reality projects with Aurasma, check. Multilayered images with ThingLink, quick Tellagami videos, and WE BUILD BOOKS! All the Google apps are loaded to my devices. So, need to access Classroom, or a doc that you started for Language Arts? Wait, did I mention that we have apps for 3D printing, programming, and screencasting? Yes. That too. My students explore content, get assessed, connect to others, and create. I use iPads frequently in the classroom because they do SO much. It is a multipurpose tool that I combine with many other tools to bring science to life for students. #BuildEachOtherUp #technology #micdrop


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