Thursday, October 15, 2015

#94/365 What's your marathon? When the the shadows grow long and the colors blend on the horizon, what were the challenges in your day? What struggles did you face? What concerns linger? A couple years ago, I was talking to my 5th graders about an upcoming marathon. I talked about the long months of training, the aches and pains, the planning, the practice runs, my doubts and excitement. I told them that I was scared, and I questioned my ability to be successful. Then, I asked my kids what their marathon was. What caused them struggle? What challenged them? What was not easy for them? I got a range of questions and some answers, but I don't know how much they really understood. One student came up later and talked about reading and how that was her marathon. She knew that she had to work really hard, but she would get there. She understood my question. I look at where I'm at with my upcoming marathon, my career, and my family. I'm so grateful to have the support, encouragement, and love from so many people to be successful in my life. Without these people, I wouldn't be able to do as much. This marathon will be my fifth and final marathon. It will be one shared with friends that experienced the training with me in person or virtually. It will be tough. As prepared as I feel, I know it will be a battle to run strong for 26.2 miles. I'm excited. I'm nervous. I'm ready to face this challenge. My marathon is an actual marathon on Sunday, but I wonder where my life journey will take me next. What is my next marathon? #columbusmarathon #challenges #learning #growing #experiencelife


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