Sunday, October 18, 2015

#97/365 #columbusmarathon What a lovely finish to my marathon running! My 5th and final marathon in Columbus was my favorite. The course was beautiful. The people were amazing and inspiring. The organization and roll out of the race was phenomenal! Not going to lie. This one was tough for me. I had trained vigilantly up until the gout hit! That knocked me for a loop. But, with the encouragement and support of my training team, The Peeps, I shuffled on. The soreness of my foot lingered up to today, but I was pretty sure that I could get through the marathon. The amazing children (Patient Champions) high fived us through the race. The stories of their survival and simply learning a little about them was inspiring. There were times that I just openly cried. The Angels Mile was beautiful! Frequently, these children kept me going. When my foot and knee started throbbing, I thought of the children's pain and resolving bravery. My spirits were lifted when I saw my friend, @jonjarc On the course. At mile 20, I needed my family. A call home led to long distance cheering from the family which I desperately needed! My final mile was boosted with a Running Peep jumping in to run with me. He had already finished his half marathon, and started back up again to give me the help needed. My other Running Peeps were also waiting to cheer me to the finish. What an amazing community! I finished the race in 5 hours, and I've never been so happy to finish! My peeps were waiting. The ride home was shared with my friend, Joy. And, now I look towards our next adventure. 😉 Mary, Shannon, Joy, Jen, and the rest of the Peeps will surely partner up for another race. #goals #running #RunningPeeps #family #ouch #marathon


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