Tuesday, October 20, 2015

#99/365 My Lego boys did great! Sharing your work with others isn't always easy. You may have passion, talent, and so much effort involved, but it's still terrifying! I know how this feels with all the trainings and presentations that I've done. Watching my Lego Club boys share tonight for the Board of Education members, I was so proud of them. They faced their nerves and did a phenomenal job! We have been working to build our practice board, assemble our robot, research the Trash Trek project, build our project board and website. Wow! The hours that these guys have invested is crazy! While they all have a passion for Legos, no one has any programming background. So, it's been a lot of learning. Again, I'm so proud of these guys. Even though our board presentation is done, the journey is still underway. We have missions to master and more to learn about the November competition. I think the world of these guys, and I hope the best for them as they continue to work and learn as a team. Regardless of how the competition goes, they've already shown me a lot of character. #HuronFLL #GreatKids


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