Sunday, November 1, 2015

#111/365 The day was going swell, and then... Jay got hurt. Her knee is huge! During soccer, she injured herself. 😧 My stomach dropped and the most horrible feeling came to me while I watched her go down. You could see the pain in her face, and it terrified me! I know all parents feel this fear and pain when they see their children get hurt. It is the worst! After an ER visit, she's on crutches, pain meds, and a knee brace. We will know more later this week, but the fluid around her knee is making her leg look huge. The texts and phone calls are very much appreciated. I especially feel grateful for Coach Wollf. Not only did he carry Jay off the field, but he stopped by to check on her and bring her a pin, shirt, and trophy. Her team won the championship! That is one hell of a coach! He cares about his athletes. Now, hoping for quick recovery and as little damage as possible. This girl is miserable if she's not on the move. #ChickenLegs #Ouch #Soccer


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