Wednesday, November 4, 2015

#114/365 Sketchnoting our science... I love the process of Sketchnoting in science. I know that I've talked about this before, but I truly believe that this works for many students. Our lesson today was all about exploring the process of accretion and planetary differentiation. The concepts aren't too foreign to students, but I wanted to have some good demos or visuals for them. So, we began with viewing computer animations and videos of the concepts. Students used their (old school) notebooks to record their observations in charts that had the headings, "I see", "I think", and "I wonder". We shared ideas and talked through some of the science together. Then, students created sketch notes and blogged about the topic. While the lesson isn't really hands on or mind boggling exciting, the process is a really good one for us. The blog post shares will be super helpful for me to see final understanding or misconceptions. Whether we need to keep exploring the concept or we can move on, we will see. Our app use today...Paper by 53 and Blogger. Super simple and effective! Win! #ScienceConcepts #iPadApps


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