Sunday, November 8, 2015

#118/365 Through her eyes... The does the world look through her eyes? I wonder how the world looks through my daughter's eyes. I wonder how the world looks though any young girl's eyes in this time. When I first met my daughter, she said that she loved my "blueberry" eyes. Without skipping a beat, I said that her "chocolate" eyes looked scrumptious. We still laugh when we talk out our eye color! Today, I was looking at my girl (and her chocolate eyes) as she was watching TV, and it made me think about how her eyes have such a different view of the world than I had. My view of the world at 13 had such different context. There were such different factors and influences at work to shape my understanding of people and the challenges ahead. I didn't have such instant access to judgement by others. I didn't have all the pressures that my daughter faces. I had such a different connection to the natural world around me. One of my greatest challenges as a parent... Understand that the world looks very different from my daughter's eyes. Appreciate that I don't have all the answers for her. I can't. My world view is different. Reach out to other mentors to help guide my understanding and parenting. Grow with my daughter to face the challenges of the world...bravely and with confidence. #parenting #ChocolateEyes #BlueberryEyes


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