Monday, November 9, 2015

#119/365 The benefit of a second look! Today was a partner day in science. Students were able to join together to complete a short cycle science research and quick share project. The research and quick share project only requires two people working together. With three people there inevitably is one person that just doesn't have anything to do. So, this made my classes of uneven students an opportunity for me. I was able to partner up with the student and become their teammate for the period. There was an interesting side benefit to this process. It allowed me to get a closer view at what students are being expected to do in my room. It also gave me the opportunity to work directly with students and have good conversations with them. In one of my classes, I was thrilled to work with a young man that I have had the pleasure of getting to know better this year. I had this student in fifth grade, but my interactions with him were not ones that left a lasting memory. He was a good student, but I didn't really get to know him. This year, I've been so impressed at the level of his growth. He is a kind, reflective, hard-working young man. His actions always show care and thought. In the areas of academics, he works to do his absolute best work. In the social aspects of school, he makes it a point to be that kid that makes others smile. When he was open for a partner today, I was excited to be his learning partner! I think that's part of the beauty of "looping" with these kids. It's truly been an eye opener for me. It's given me a second chance to learn about the students that I teach. I get to see their development, their progress, and glimpses into their futures. My student today shows me snapshots of a really amazing future. I'm so grateful to see this and work with him! #humanexperience #learning #growing #NicR


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