Tuesday, November 10, 2015

#120/365 Tomorrow, and every other day! Spending time with my Dad at the Veterans Hospital in Cleveland, I had plenty of time to chat with various veterans. Many of the Vietnam Vets were happy to chat with me while waiting for time with the doc. They were wearing their hats and jackets that had war details, and the stories they shared were pretty amazing. One gentleman told me about being in one of the first helicopters to get dropped down for combat. He was holding something metal that was protecting him from gunfire. Then, he told me that he got his "ass shot off"...literally. He caught gunfire to his butt and foot. He also told me about getting immunized and falling onto mattresses that were at the end of the line. He also had me laughing about smelling steak, but then finding out that he would be eating liver and onions each Friday. This guy was an amazing storyteller! When they called him back, they mispronounced his name, and with a glimmer in his eye, we winked at me and said, "Close enough." I had to laugh! Even though the time was stressful, I have to admit that I really enjoyed chatting with the people around me. I wish for relief and the best of care for them. I hope that they find the respect and gratitude they deserve in their day tomorrow and every day. They are such heroes. Facing fears, staying strong, and answering a call to duty...I have such respect for them! #veteransday


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