Friday, November 13, 2015

#123/365 3D printing our town... For our upcoming #streamtableengineeringchallenges, we are recreating some of the structures around the Huron River. Students are finding places like riverside restaurants, marinas, and lakefront properties. Using the Apple Maps app on the iPad, students are placing claim on their 3D print. After finding their place or object, I'm requiring a quick Lego model to get some general ideas on what shapes will be combined to create the structure. This is a great reflective process! Students have to visualize the place or object on a whole different level. After this step, they are ready to build a 3D model in the TinkerCad software on the computer. This file is shared to my laptop which has the Dremel software on it for our printer. What we have in the end is a miniature Huron community! This community will be utilized in a couple weeks as students prepare for the #streamtableengineeringchallenges! #exciting #STEM


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