Saturday, November 14, 2015

#124/365 Numbers, numbers, numbers... 15th place 129, 189, 219 our table scores 2:30 minutes of bot time 18 Pit Number 6+ missions attempted Those are our stats. They don't tell the whole story. So, I'll begin back 3 years ago. It started with a grant that I was awarded by NASA for a project titled, "Design to Explore". The grant awarded me five Mindstorm Robots. The fifth graders had a blast learning how to program the little bots. They sent them into my favorite teachers' classrooms with Reese's on their head and singing toons. We even used the robots to return library books and send notes to the office. It was a great experience, and it showed me the power of programming and building with Legos. The next year, I started up an after school Lego Club and invested $350 to get the group to competition. Sadly, we didn't make it to competition, but we had a blast working with the Nature's Fury board. Last year was my first year in 8th grade, and I was just treading water. So, my Lego Club hopes were on hold. Then, over this summer, we were contacted about a possible sponsorship from NASA and EHOVE. I said yes! Students applied, and nine kids made it to the end! Our practices were held on Sunday from 1-4 pm, and later on Fridays from 3-5. Snacks, programming, building, learning, laughing, arguing, designing display boards, creating a website, reprogramming, YouTubing, arguing, checking rules, dropping bots, spilling juice, learning, moving boards, finding missing pieces, losing them again, laughing, presenting to the board of education, getting into a competition 3 days before the event, receiving t-shirts, many Remind texts later... we had great experiences! Ultimately, that's what Lego Clubs do. They make you laugh. They bring people together. Highlighting kids' talents and giving them moments to learn, to struggle, to persevere, and to be themselves...the great, genuine people that they are. And, for the record, the best number is 9. 9 boys that made me laugh...a lot! No matter our place, points, or anything else...9! #FLL2015


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