Wednesday, November 18, 2015

#128/365 The light and dark... My son and I walked along the Huron pier for a bit tonight watching a tug boat and river dredge close up for the night. The lights from both were moving beautifully across the water highlighting the small town river port. We both commented on how the river looks so different at night. The patches of light seemed to chase the shadows along the banks. It was quiet, mesmerizing, soothing, and just gorgeous. It made me think about the 3D printing project we are doing in class right now. We are designing and printing our community for a #streamtableengineeringchallenges coming up after Thanksgiving. As students are selecting places to print, they are getting more and more excited about the project. Students are popping in to see if their programs have been printed. We have everything from the piers and docks of Huron to the local stores and riverfront property. Students are even designing the boats, buoys, and lighthouse! They are really cool even though they aren't all perfectly to scale. With these 3D printing interactions, it's easy to see the love that we have for our little community. It's not terribly exciting here. We don't have all the opportunities and diversity of a larger community. We have the small town appeal...the know your neighbor and Donut Shop kind of place. We have the beautiful summer beach days complimenting the icy, frozen lake front winters. It's small. It's pretty quiet. It's home. The smaller communities like Huron have an interesting opportunity in front of us. We can provide all the amazing gifts that this close community atmosphere provides AND offer possibilities for our young. We can showcase what the world offers through our education program. Supporting students as they explore arts, science, humanities, trades... We can do this. Even with reduced funding from the state, this community can still provide excellent education. Not easily. Not without sacrifice. We can as a community decide to to chase the shadows with light. I'm disappointed that we didn't do this with the last levy, but I'm hopeful that we can in the next. Our children deserve all that we can offer. #equalfunding


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