Saturday, November 21, 2015

#130/365 No internet? Oh no! This morning we were without Internet. My daughter who is really immobile right now with her knee panicked. In her words, "Now what? There is nothing to do! Nothing!" I had to laugh as my husband shared the amazing bit of trivia that some people actually grew up WITHOUT INTERNET. She rolled her eyes around so much, I worried for her sight! 😉 However, it made me think of my childhood growing up. If I wasn't outside on my bike or climbing trees and running around the neighborhood, I was reading, drawing, or crocheting. My grandma on my step moms side had taught me to crochet, and I loved it. I made little blankets, scarves, and clothes for my dolls. I loved the mechanics and the patterns in the process. It was definitely a way to create. So, I asked Jay if she wanted to learn to crochet. For the first couple hours of the day, that's what we did. Trial and error, she eventually got it. She had a scarf project going by end of it. Her gaze was intent. Her attention was focused. This probably won't last. I don't know if the attention will be sustained. I'm sure once service is restored, Jay will be engaged in that again. But, it was nice to share a bit of my history and learning. I'll never forget the comfortable sittings with my Grandma Sweeney learning to crochet. #nowifi #oldschool


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