Friday, November 20, 2015

#130/365 TinkerCad scores big with 8th graders! Why? It's not because it is an exceptionally easy software problem. It actually takes an investment in time to become really proficient with the software. There are little tips and tricks to being a good "TinkerCadder". It's about possibilities. TinkerCad allows you to use problem solving, math, and spacial skills to bring imaginations to life. The software is challenging, but it's completely engaging. While you are getting sucked into the engineering mode, you don't realize all the math that you are employing. You combine shapes. You rotate. You scale. The understanding of measurement an ratios is woven through the entire process. Watching my students use the software is awesome! They are engaged and supportive of each other. I hear cheers of success following problem solving sessions. As students design their models, they have such investment in the activity. #STEM #learning


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