Sunday, November 22, 2015

#131/365 My face is wind burnt, and I love it! What a fantastic way to start my Sunday! Running this morning was TOUGH. After the first 3 miles, the wind kicked in. That chilly wind never quit. Joy kept scoping out the quickest way to get back. Turned out that 9.5 miles was as fast as we could get back. Even as bitter cold as the run was, I loved it. I have the best fortune to run with some of the absolute best people around. The #RunningPeeps keep me going. They motivate me when the wind is bitter, the heat is oppressive, and the muscles are sore. They just do. We chat about everything...from upcoming weddings to family struggles and career choices. I'm always learning from my running friends. I'm looking forward to the Santa Hustle Half Marathon in December. My training runs with the Peeps will be on my mind during that race. #RunningPeeps #ChillyRun #Survived


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