Tuesday, November 24, 2015

#133/365 Know your audience! The day before a five day Thanksgiving Break...I had some plans for class that were less exciting than most days to say the least. We were doing a quick check on weathering versus erosion, reviewing our station work with topography, and completing a blog post. Booorrrrrriiiiinnnnngggggg! At least that's the look that I got very quickly in first period. So, adjust! I decided to streamline the quick check and review of topography. Then, the bulk of the class could be used for exploring two really good apps, Tinkerbox and Windtunnel. The TinkerBox app is a really cool app that simulates the Rube Goldberg type project. It allows students to work through various challenges that require critical thinking skills. It also allows for a free build situation where kids can design the physics board. Using springs, bouncing boards, gears, chains, ropes, balls, and more, students plan out amazing scenarios. It is truly an engaging app...for free! The wind tunnel app does exactly what it sounds like. It simulates a wind tunnel. Students are able to change the variables with in the wind tunnel. They are also able to calculate the lift thrust and drag of an airfoil. Most students start off in this app playing with shapes and watching the streams go over and around. Then, they grow into using the app at a higher level. It definitely pays to think of your audience. Today was not a day for my initial lesson. Today was a day for engaging apps! #apps #science #daybeforebreak


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