Friday, November 27, 2015

#136/365 Good bye, friend. I didn't know when I moved to Main Street just how much I would learn from you and become your friend. Our houses sit side-by-side, and for the first year or so we just had a casual friendship. Mike and I just waved to you, your wife, and little Chi Chi. We talked in the driveway every once in a while, but our lives were so busy, and we didn't spend nearly enough time talking. We would see you and your wife sitting on the front porch chatting and watching traffic. When your wife passed away, we started to cross paths even more. You would drop your little dog over the fence to play with our Shadow. You started to bring our garbage cans around for us every garbage day. The conversations grew longer, and we would sit on the boat trailer listening to your quiet voice. When the lawnmower wouldn't work, you walked over and helped get it started. When we took the mulberry tree down in the backyard, you were the director and made sure that we didn't kill ourselves doing it. I loved your stories about squirrel hunting. I had to laugh when you shared all the current news. You gave all the details. And, I was amazed when you told me about the motorcycle in World War II. I was shocked when you told me that you didn't like pizza! I felt so blessed when you brought over birthday cards for my kids. I was grateful when you just chuckled about the basketball thrown through the window (many times). I loved seeing you hug my children and watch them get safely on the bus. When you started having Andrew mow your lawn, I thought "God bless you, Clynis!" At one point, when you were still climbing up the tree in the back to trim it, I thought you were invincible. I thought you would be my neighbor forever. I thought that talking by the fire pit each summer would never stop. Silly, I know. But, I want to tell you that you mean a lot to me. I've learned from your quiet patience, your hard work, your kind heart. I didn't know 16 years would go so fast. I didn't know that you would be one of the best reasons to move to Main Street. Good bye, Clynis. You will be missed deeply by the LaCrosse family. #friendship #grateful #love


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