Thursday, December 3, 2015

#141/365 From Huron, Ohio to the world! "You don't have to live in an exotic place to explore and learn about the world. Jobs like being a volcanologist can take you places!" Today, Dr. Dan Kelley, from Firelands BGSU College, shared about his explorations as he's studied geology. He shared about the field trip opportunities in the geology career path. Traveling to explore Iceland with its amazing volcanos and working with volcanologists in Ecuador, Dan has experienced the world as few have. My 8th graders in the afternoon classes were really fortunate to have the opportunity to ask questions and view the most amazing photos of these exotic areas. And, talk about an expert! Dan can talk geochemical info and switch to map making, lava tunnels, public service announcements, electron microprobes, and pyroclastic flows! Having access to such amazing people in my community is such a blessing! I'm just so happy to help students explore those science career paths that might not be the mainstream. I want them to see that science can really take you places! Dan is an awesome teacher! We are lucky! #guestspeakers #stemcareers


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