Friday, January 8, 2016

Becoming a DroneHead Pilot in @lacrossescience in a few easy steps!

Having a class drone...what an opportunity! But, exactly what are we doing with this thing?l
Here is a short list...

  • Tracking the environment of our local estuaries- We are exploring how the weather and rainfall are affecting our favorite estuary, Old Woman Creek. Our drone buddy, Jon Jarc helped us capture some beautiful early fall footage. Now, we are ready for some winter(ish) views of the estuary!
  • Exploring physics principles from above- Students are going to capture various forces and motion investigations from above. Grabbing overhead footage of objects in collision may be the ticket to helping some of my students understand the concepts that we are exploring.
  • Conducting some investigations- Speed and acceleration, baby! That's the ticket!

I'm sure that we have plenty more coming...but, this is what's on my mind right now.

So, do I have to be the only pilot? Oh NO WAY! My students are working towards joining the ranks of Drone Head Pilot status for our class. Here are the steps that they are completing:

First, watch a short video about drone safety with Jeff Dunham and Bubba J. 

Then, hop onto the FAA site for some safety regulations!

Next, take a written test. Don't can work with your partner! (Click on the link to see the questions.)

After you have passed the written test, get ready to PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!
Your hands-on test is right around the corner. So, learn how to start up, land, practice speeding up and slowing down, and more.

The students that are embarking on this journey have a wicked cool license waiting for them.

Woo hoo!

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  1. I love how you and I are going about training drone pilots in such different ways.