Wednesday, February 3, 2016

#sihs100days challenge began today with my commitment to 100 days filled with 10 minute #yoga sessions. I'm beginning very basic with just beginner poses for a short amount of time for a couple reasons. First, only 10 minutes because I'm struggling to find the time in the day. With family, teaching, running, and extra tech hobbies, putting something else in to the moments is rough! Also, I'm not a yoga expert, hence the beginner. I'm not flexible or strong. I can run for hours, but upper body...meh. So, I'm hoping to work into strength! This is my plan... Use a combination of iPad apps and help from my friends, @mr.jarc and @mrs_jarc to keep it fun for 100 days. I'll do what feels right and give myself some challenges in there. Whenever the time fits, that's when it'll happen! For 100 days, I will enjoy learning about yoga and strengthening my body and mind. Today, #100daysofyoga happened before I ate lunch. I had a couple of mats, an app called lolo Yoga, and my school clothes. I shut my door, set up, and enjoyed 10 minutes of beginner yoga. It felt good! Let's see where it works in tomorrow!


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