Friday, April 13, 2018

Final Thoughts From Our Family

As our family decided to share our experience through a blog post, we had the main goal of providing information. Ultimately, that is what blogging is about. Blogging gives people a chance to share experiences, knowledge, questions, struggles, etc. I'm guessing many people didn't venture out to the rest of my blog, but I typically talk about educational topics that I'm super into, like 3d printing with a purpose in the classroom, using iPads in education, supporting students development of science communication skills,  growing a community of invested learners, and sometimes parenting.

The title of my blog is Conversations: Learning and Growing because that is how I believe people evolve. They converse. They learn. They grow.

This conversation was a tough one. It involved sharing negligence, harassment, ignorance, and some stumbles in parenting. It definitely wasn't the fun blog post in which I share my successes and failures in education.

In respect to the comments that were added to the initial post...

I appreciate the discussion, support, sharing of experiences, and dialogue that occurred.

Some people felt it was important to share their experiences with the establishment. I applaud your courage to write that down. You have taken a step that was probably tough for you. And, I'm sorry. I'm sorry that you were not valued as an employee and fellow human being. You deserve better. Bottom line.

Others felt it necessary to attack with comments of "snowflake" and "trouble-maker". While I didn't appreciate being called names, it did give me an opportunity to do a google search of "snowflake".

Yep...learning all the time.

I also didn't appreciate my daughter being referenced as a trouble-maker. That young lady is strong, kind, hard-working, and more joy for my husband and I than I could have ever hoped for. My son is equally strong, kind, hard-working, and a joy! I love my children with every fiber of my being, as I expect other parents do. I am also as realistic as the next parent. My children are not perfect. But, as a good friend once told me about being a parent and educator, "Never judge a child on their teenage selves. They have so many experiences to come that will shape their hearts and minds." As an educator and parent, I remind myself of that daily.



She was the individual in the situation that did what was right. She informed both her parents and employer of actions that were making her uncomfortable.

End of her story.

She has moved on. have we.

No. We will never frequent the business again.
(Honestly, Pizza House is the ultimate in pizza! #yum)
No. We will never recommend other young adults to work at the business discussed.
No. We will not be embarrassed or fearful for sharing our experience.

For those who want to know more about parenting children entering the workforce, please click on this link:

How to Prepare Your Teen for a First Job

Interested in knowing how to:

Protecting Your Teen From Sexual Harrassment

Interested in knowing some workplace information from OSHA:

Employer Responsibilities for Keeping Young Workers Safe

And, finally, knowing information about Teens at Work, here is a brochure that I found.:

Teens at Work: Facts for Employers, Parents and Teens

Now, those are our thoughts on this experience that we faced.
Unfortunately, we went through it.
Fortunately, we have received support in comments on the blog, direct messages, and phone calls.
Thank you for your voice. Thank you for your offers. And, thank you for being those other human beings that I'm proud to share my learning and growing with.

I'm so sorry that others have experienced this.

Knowledge is power.
Conversation is necessary.